“[We need to] do what society needs us to do, which is deliver prosperity for everyone.”

Anita M. McGahan is Associate Dean and holds the Rotman Chair of Management at the Rotman School and is cross-appointed at the Munk School of Public Affairs at the University of Toronto. She is also a Senior Associate at the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard University and Chief Economist in the Division of Global Health and Human Rights at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Her many professional roles also include election into the Executive leadership ranks of the Academy of Management and Chair of the Scientific Board at the Danish Research Institute on Industrial Dynamics (DRUID).

McGahan focuses on the study of broad social problems that are difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory and changing requirements – examples include widespread poverty, climate change, and health-system reform. One of her many missions involves a drastic revamping of professional education in order to inspire and equip students to apply their talents and knowledge in advancing solutions to these important problems. Her research deals primarily with industry change, entrepreneurship in the public interest, and global heath. She is the author of dozens of research articles as well as a 2004 HBS Press book called How Industries Evolve, and has been cited for her leadership in the strategic use of technology. McGahan is also an Area Editor at the Strategic Management Journal and Management Science and is on the boards of several major journals, including the Academy of Management Review, the Academy of Management Journal, and Strategic Organization. Academic publications include studies on the health delivery, pharmaceutical, medical devices, consumer electronics, brewing and insurance industries, among others. She has also conducted case studies on automobiles, wheelchairs, baseball, telecommunications, network software, airlines, pharmaceuticals, movie theaters, soft drinks, toy retailing, retail banking and high-pressure laminates. Her large-scale statistical studies have investigated broad patterns in the performance of organizations, such as the rate at which turnarounds occur, the importance of industry conditions to profitability, the conditions for persistence in profitability, and the importance of corporate parents in nurturing risky businesses.

She tweets @anitamcgahan.