“Advancing technology and changing norms are influencing interactions within the walls of governments, having an impact on procedural and administrative efficiencies and providing a platform for the sharing of knowledge and facilitating collaboration amongst public servants.”

Justin Longo has a research portfolio in applied information and communications technologies (i.e., open government, Web 2.0 technologies, policy informatics, e-governance, etc.), public policy studies, environmental and natural resource policy and transboundary governance. Prior to his appointment, he served as a post-doctoral fellow in Open Governance at the Centre for Policy Informatics at Arizona State University.  During this time, his research focused on areas of open governance (outside processes of citizen and expert engagement) and open government (inside processes of knowledge sharing and collaboration). He was also an occasional visiting research fellow in The Governance Lab at New York University and the Centre for Global Studies at the University of Victoria.

As the Cisco Systems Research Chair, Longo is responsible for developing various tools available for public sector modernization and will explore new avenues of networking and collaboration that will improve virtual management and enhance public engagement.